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All products in this Thats Nice category are for sale, but you will need to contact us first to arrange collection due to most of the items being very large. The idea behind these projects was to stop seeing things go to landfill to therefore also help our environment. Instead see them turned into beautiful creations and works of art. Thats Nice was a brand created to showcase our up cycled projects.

Each piece has its own style. Many of the pieces have their own individual style. To understand the steps taken to achieve the finished results. Along with the thought process behind the final look it is also included on each product where it is explained there. We have created many different looks, from steampunk pieces to fit into our Goth weekends here in Whitby. All the way through to the popular bee themes. Some are large piece which will create a stunning feature to your room while others are inspired by small ornamental decor. All are finished to a high quality and are one off limited edition pieces. All can be viewed should you wish in our store in Whitby. We have lots of wonderful creations added every week. So stay tuned for some amazing up cycling furniture and gifts.

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